Dental Office Medical Emergency Simulation Training
Dental Office Medical Emergency Simulation Training
Dental Office Medical Emergency Simulation Training
Cost effective emergency response training for dental practices NOT providing sedation Per Location 12 months access

Our DOMES video-based emergency response training is the most thorough, time and cost-effective course ever offered for the entire dental team

Why your dental team needs this course:

Dental office medical emergencies are for real. The ADA estimates 3000 life-threatening emergencies occur in dental offices every year.

Your office must be prepared for every case! This ground-breaking, fast-paced video course prepares the dental team to expertly handle the unthinkable.

The 5-part video series – written and delivered by an experienced dentist - covers the 24 most common emergencies that occur in dental offices. The videos discuss:

  • Signs & Symptoms
  • Treatment Algorithms
  • Use of Emergency Medications & Equipment

In this video, you get:

Module Zero: a short introduction that clearly explains how to get the most from the training

Module One: How to respond to Hyperglycemia; Allergic Reactions; Hypertension; Apnea; Asthmatic Attack; and Stroke

Module Two: How to respond to Hyperventilation; Narcotic Overdose; Epinephrine Overdose; Sudden Cardiac Arrest; Emesis/Aspiration; and Acute Adrenal Crisis

Module Three: How to respond to Hypoglycemia; Angina; FBO; Anaphylaxis; Myocardial Infarction; Hypotension

Module Four: How to respond to Local Anesthetic Toxicity; Transient Ischemia Attack; Seizure; Syncope; Benz Overdose; and Tachycardia

Plus, each member of your dental team participating in the training receives 4 hours of CE credit.

With this training, there is no need for a dentist and his/her team to ever leave their practice and travel to another emergency preparedness lecture.


No travel. No airline flight frustrations. No hotels. No meals. No rental cars. No loss of productivity or income at the office because the world's best emergency response training is brought directly to your home or office.

Mock Medical Emergency Drill Guide (MMEDG) Included with purchase

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