DOSES 24 Monthly Mock Emergency Drill Program
DOSES 24 Monthly Mock Emergency Drill Program
DOSES 24 Monthly Mock Emergency Drill Program
Designed For Sedation/Anesthesia Practices Per Location 24 months access

The DOSES 24 program is designed for the dentist and their staff that perform sedation/anesthesia in their practice.

This is designed as a 24-month program. Each month, you will receive one mock drill with a different medical emergency.

  • Mock Drill Advantages:
    • Mock Emergency Drills Ensure You’re Ready for the Inevitable Dental Office Emergency. They ensure near-flawless performance in an emergency to protect patients and risk-proof your dental practice if you practice them.
  • Avoid the most common mistake - not being properly prepared for an emergency.
    • Most patient injuries and death occur when the dental team doesn’t react perfectly to the emergency. Mocks drills ensure flawless performance.
  • Protect your career
    • Mock Drills help risk-proof your office against a practice-killing mistake in an emergency. Avoid loss of license, criminal prosecution, fines, lawsuits, and regulatory action.
  • Add to the bottom line
    • Recent research reveals that most patients expect you to conduct mock drills and are okay with paying a small fee for this level of training.

How Mock Drills Work:

  • Plan
    • Set aside a time every month for a short training session. Ensure you have the proper training materials and equipment as listed in the mock drill guide.
  • Train
    • Conduct the scenario in real-time with the proper training aids contained in the guide. Practice your callouts and action steps.
  • Debrief
    • Provide feedback on how well the practice matched the expected model of performance.
  • Record
    • Keep a record of your training activity and lessons learned.
  • Get CEUs
    • After each mock drill is performed, you will receive test questions related to that emergency. Upon passing, you will receive ONE hour of CE from SmartTraining.

Per Location
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