Sedation Quick Reference Checklist
Sedation Quick Reference Checklist
Sedation Quick Reference Checklist
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  • Get the Sedation Quick Reference Checklist with 8 laminated emergency algorithms for practices that provide sedation

Managing a Medical Emergency is challenging given its high acuity, low frequency, and increased complexity.

Absolutely unequivocally YOU are going to forget simple lifesaving skills and protocols during a high-stress, pressured event!

Don’t lose a patient because you forgot.

Checklists are proven.

The checklist is arguably one of the most effective methods of reducing medical error and improving performance under pressure

Checklists help to ensure all steps in a task are completed and reduce stress prior to undertaking high-risk procedures.

They improve teamwork effectiveness and reduce cognitive overload when patent deterioration or equipment failure occurs

  • You can’t grab a book during an emergency
  • You can’t use your computer during an emergency
  • You can’t use an App on your phone during an emergency

Your dental office emergency response team Needs laminated checklists.

Designed to be in each operatory. They have a punch hole in each corner so a brass ring can hold them together.

This product includes: 8 sedation emergencies supplement for sedation dentists.

  • One time purchase
  • Inexpensive
  • They work
  • Low tech solution for high-pressure situation
  • Will be tough to misplace if left in the operatory

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Order one full set for each of your operatories today!  

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