The HR Solution You Need! Per Location 12 months access

Get better. Get noticed. SmartHR offers tools for success.

No matter what your company does or what product you sell, all enterprises have one thing in common: Team members are an integral element in your success.

Smart Training understands the human resources challenge in human terms and real-world application. We know that a well-trained staff is the biggest ‘slight edge’ you can market.

For the past 25 years, we’ve developed staff learning techniques that pay big dividends in offices like yours. That’s why SmartHR is unique: We apply our training expertise to ‘soft skills’ and other development areas that will benefit your team members and enhance your reputation in your community.

Most likely, the strategies we offer have never been put into place in your business.  In a very real sense, you’ve been too busy to equip your employees with the tools of the trade … the essential elements that can make your employees and your company successful.

We developed SmartHR just for offices like yours. Our process is effective, efficient and incredibly affordable. And it gets results.

Our best result – and your greatest benefit – is a more productive, more efficient office and empowered team members. SmartHR can be the catalyst in developing a team dynamic that gets your office noticed.

This package includes the following programs and services.

  • A policy manual created for your office
  • Training on email etiquette
  • Our intensive sexual harassment modules
  • Productivity-enhancement programs
  • Protecting Time teambuilding course
  • Strategy analysis workshop tools
  • Supervisory Managment training
  • Essential elements of customer service
  • OSHA-required monthly safety meetings
  • Quarterly patient privacy webinars
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey tools
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$25.00 (12 Pmts)

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