Dental Office Virtual Inspection
Dental Office Virtual Inspection
Dental Office Virtual Inspection
Per Unit 12 months access

Practice inspections are now virtual via zoom due to COVID-19.

Inspections are not available in all locations. Please call 469-342-8300 to confirm availability in your location. 

This product consists of our Compliance Advisors simulating an OSHA inspection at your office. Our Compliance Advisors constantly keep themselves updated on OSHA law changes and updates.

Our Compliance Advisors will verbally make you aware of changes you need to make for your office to reach OSHA compliance. After the inspection, you will recieve a written report detailing OSHA compliance issues in your office and recommendations to improve. 

With our Platinum+ product, virtual inspections of your practice are completed annually. Platinum+ comes with a No OSHA Fines Guarantee. Visit our Dental Compliance page for more information. 

Don't just think you're in compliance—know you are! 

Per Unit
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