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Sexual Harassment Prevention Package
Sexual Harassment Prevention Package
Dental Per Location
12 months access
$95.00 Per Location
Single Pmt
Sexual harassment in the workplace is emerging as the decade’s most serious workplace issue, as more victims step forward each day to alleged misconduct. In the United States, employers are legally obligated to investigate reports of sexual harassment. But when sexual harassment complaints arise in the dental work-place, most practitioners and staff members don't know what steps they should take. Unfortunately, failure to handle complaints and complainants properly can lead to greatly increased practice liability. Practitioners, team members and managers alike should understand what constitutes sexual harassment and have policies in place that will help indemnify the office in the event of a claim or legal action. Smart Training offers a complete dental office Sexual Harassment Prevention package, including an easy-to-complete training module for staff members. This module takes team members less than an hour to complete and provides a structured overview of sexual harassment issues in the workplace. Also included in Smart Training’s Sexual Harassment Prevention package: An in-depth liability prevention training module for supervisors, managers, and practice stakeholders. This comprehensive training helps team leaders understand the issues and liabilities inherent in workplace sexual harassment claims and offers guidance on what to do when a complaint has been made. The Prevention package also includes a comprehensive Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy and Procedure guideline and a process template for management use when investigating sexual harassment claims. In your practice, you have one tool to eliminate sexual harassment: Prevention. Smart Training’s Sexual Harassment Prevention package is licensed for single-office use; after purchasing your license, all office team members, managers, and administrators have access to training, and the Policy and Procedure and Investigation guidelines are available for download.