Protecting Your Dentist's Time
Protecting Your Dentist's Time
Protecting Your Dentist's Time
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Smart Training LLC
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AGD Subject Code: 550

Course Description:

In any dental practice, time is money. Your office cannot become more profitable until your employees become more productive and efficient. Dentists lead fast-paced workdays, so they often don't see the amount of time squandered by hourly staff.

Smart Training's Protecting Your Dentist's Time is a unique office productivity training module. This training can save every employee 30 minutes a day or more, translating to a significant amount of time saved for the dentist.

This training module was adapted by the course offered by Protecting Time® LLC.

Educational Objectives:

At course completion, the attendee will be able to:

  • Explain the value of the dentist's time and the employee's own time
  • Decide how to avoid interruptions, distractions, and delays
  • Employ strategies to save the practice time
  • Evaluate whether work is urgent or non-urgent 

Teaching Methods: Join us anytime and from any location for our online Protecting Your Dentist’s Time training module.

Location: Online. Users will need a device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) and an internet connection.

Date: On-demand.

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