Nitrous Oxide Safety
Nitrous Oxide Safety
Nitrous Oxide Safety
OSHA Required Per User 12 months access

Smart Training LLC
Credit awarded: 0.50 hours
AGD Subject Code: 550

Course Description:

Nitrous oxide is a safe, effective way to soothe anxious patients, but prolonged occupational exposure to the gas presents health hazards to your staff.

Smart Training's Nitrous Oxide Safety training module teaches your employees the benefits, methodologies, and health risks of using nitrous oxide. This training module also teaches your employees how to minimize their exposure to the gas.

Educational Objectives:

  • Know the health risks and symptoms of occupational exposure to nitrous oxide
  • Memorize the OSHA-required aspects of nitrous oxide safety
  • Know how to use the equipment correctly, spot equipment malfunctions, and minimize exposure to the gas
  • Recall the variables that affect nitrous oxide exposure
  • Evaluate how to ensure patient safety throughout the procedure

Teaching Methods: Join us anytime and from any location for our online Nitrous Oxide Safety training module.

Location: Online. Users will need a device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) and an internet connection.

Date: On-demand.

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