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Bloodborne Pathogens, Sharps and Office Safety
Bloodborne Pathogens, Sharps and Office Safety
12 months access
$39.95 Each

Smart Training’s Bloodborne Pathogens module offers a dental-specific, OSHA-required overview of exposure control principles and practices. This training is required for personnel who are exposed to potentially infectious materials such as tissue and mucous membranes. Armed with an awareness of bloodborne pathogens, your dental office team is better prepared to control workplace exposure and contamination.

Needlesticks and other sharps injuries to dental office personnel can spread Hepatitis B and C as well as HIV.

The Smart Training Sharps Safety module helps your practice team improve sharps handling and infection prevention protocols. As part of an overall sharps injury reduction program, this safety presentation can help your practice safeguard employee wellbeing and prevent the spread of disease.

No one has time to think when an emergency or disaster strikes ... all we can do is react. For example, if your team members lack sufficient Office Safety training, a small wastebasket fire can become a catastrophe.

Smart Training’s Office Safety module helps employees learn to take action to avert the dangers of fire, accident or natural disaster, and to recognize the safety risks that can jeopardize every member of your team.