Telehealth and Privacy Compliance
Telehealth and Privacy Compliance
Telehealth and Privacy Compliance
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Course Description:

Smart Training invites you to take a closer look at Telehealth and privacy compliance in our free module. This course helps employees develop an understanding of the following:

  • Medicare and Telemedicine
  • Telehealth provision and HIPAA
  • Which products are HIPAA-compliant
  • Business Associates and BAAs
  • 'Bad Faith' Telehealth Provision

This module is especially relevant throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, when more practices are striving to offer Telehealth services. This module will help you stay HIPAA compliant while using technology to offer medical care.

Educational Objectives:

At course completion, the attendee will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of telehealth
  • Explain the expansion of Medicare beneficiaries to include telehealth services
  • Apply knowledge of HIPAA regulations for telehealth services
  • Employ methods to protect PHI
  • Understand bad faith provision

Teaching Methods: Join us anytime and from any location for our online Telehealth and Privacy Compliance training module.

Location: Online. Users will need a device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) and an internet connection.

Date: On-demand.

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